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We, the “Ukrainian Angels “, are warriors of light who help our civilian as well as the Armed Forces to fight the darkness that came to our land on February 24, 2022.

The country has united.  People, strong, brave, kind and bright, also united.

The history of our organization dates back to the first days of the war.  We started looking for support for Ukraine – informational and material.  Our Polish neighbours were the first to respond to our request.  They sent us help in the form of medicines and medical supplies, which our volunteers sorted and sent to the front line, at the request of hospitals.

Almost at the same time as Poland, Canada came to the rescue.  We cooperating and receive strong assistance for the country in these difficult times.

The United Kingdom has also become our partner.  Thanks to them, our military medics have already received more than 30 ambulances.  All this was organized by our compatriots, energetic and tireless guys who continue to work on their front for our victory.

International aid can be listed indefinitely.  During the three months of the war, our angels included countries such as Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Poland, and Britain.  Our volunteers process inquiries around the clock and look for the necessary medicines, products, clothes and ammunition.

But we do not stop there and do not fold our wings.  On the contrary, we are constantly negotiating aid with the whole world.  It is to increase the scale and volume of care. This is why we founded the official charity “Ukrainian Angels Foundation”. The founder, the owner of the local dental clinic and training centre in Lviv, decided to create this charity in an official way.  A powerful team gathered.  We feel strength in ourselves.  Because in such a short time we have already helped the front a lot, and in the future we will help even more.  In these three months, we have established logistics and we know exactly where the help is going.  We become angels for specific people, teams and positions.

Humanitarian aid is another part of our mission.  We do not forget about the people who were forced to stay in the occupied territories.  We have repeatedly sent trucks with products and hygiene products to the regions that have suffered the most from military aggression, and we continue to do so.

Another important branch of assistance is children left without parents.  We strive to become their guardian angels in this world. Our idea of ​​charity webinars has already been successfully implemented.  We were supported by well-known lecturers-dentists and with the proceeds we bought drones, some of which are already at the forefront.

We strive to scale to be able to help even more people: the military, doctors, children and civilians.  To become real angels of Ukraine.

We thank you for your support, we are local people doing our best to make a difference in our country.

Foundation Leaders

With determination that only a local can provide,
we give ourselves to our foundation and to support
the people of our country. Your support gives us the
power to make a difference.

Alexander FetsychFounder

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Bogdana HryhorianLeader

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